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Wednesday, 15-Oct-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The joys fo chemistry, the most boring lesson in the world, and it was just too boring for some, like Helmo. You can already see him starting to blur in the photo, and after a few more lessons he just blurred into nothingness because of the boredom. Who knows where he is now, lets hope he's in a better place.
"Go free willy! Hang on... Good lord."

Sunday, 12-Oct-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

There is a man who lives in lancaster, a man like no other. He is the man who knows when summer is. Every day of proper summer, when the sun is out and its warm, he walks into town wearing his backpack hat and shirt, and proceeds to removed said items at the foutain to lounge about sunbathing in only his gallant trousers and shoes. Oh and dont forget his scarf. He lets us all know the weather is good and its time to play on the grass. But now its autumn, it rains, and he no longer bathes, sometimes he comes to town, but its a sign of the times that he wears a jumper. It just doesn't quite seem right.

Wednesday, 8-Oct-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I learnt two important things in Iceland, that a bull's penis can be used as a whip and that the weather there is pants. Most of the days we were there it was raining or at least cloudy and freezing cold [apart from the penultimate day but thats a whole other photo/story]. When we went on a touristy coach tour of places in the north it was pouring down all day. Thinking about it, that makes the people in my story seem less stupid, but what are you going to do?
We visited a place with geysers, one called Gesir I think [which doesn't work anymore] and the other called Stokkur which went off every few minutes. Now the thing with geysers is that they spray out water and when its windy the water gets blown by the wind a bit. Most people realise this and stand to watch the geyser up wind of it. But at least two people the day we visited weren't that bright [no, not me and my Dad]. There was a big ring of people watching the geyser apart from a big gap were the water was blowing, those two people must have thought, "Brilliant, there's a big gap where we can stand to watch the geyser." and didn't think for a minute there must be a reason for no one else standing there. Everybody else was willing the geyser to go off before they realised, but nothing happened for a long time. Fortuanatley for us they just didn't realise that everyone was waiting for them to get soaked. And when it finally did go off, they sure as hell got drenched. I think it lightened the rainy atmosphere for everyone there, if only the water was still boiling hot. Shame.

Tuesday, 7-Oct-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The last day of the camping trip was spent lying around watching Viag tidy up the field. We had to think of the sheep apparently. His efforts admitedly weren't helped by the immense cobabiliy of beer bottles. If any sheep happen to be reading this [somehow] I'm very sorry if you cut yourself on one of the beer bottles I cobbed. The rest of the time me and Mike occupied by trying to start another fire, armed only with a lighter, a few sweets and any rubbish we found lying about. Considering what we had I think we did fairly well, of course Ray Mears could've done better. We admired the fire damage we had caused to tents and sleeping bags for a while and the memories that were burn't into my jumper. I got a lift back with Andy and like on the way out there was feeling fairly car sick on the way back, it must be something to do with the way his mum drives.


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